02:00 pm • April 26, 2014

(90 min.)
Andrew Tidmarsh will be introducing his new book, Genre – a Guide to Writing for Stage and Screen.  Half of this book focuses on comedy. Andrew’s approach is radically different from the usual ways of approaching narrative, and he will be discussing the one simple formula which is applicable to all narrative writing. 
We will be examining different comedy genres with regard to one essential formula. What connects Mean Girls and Oscar Wilde; Frasier and French Farce; Chekhov and Wes Anderson. 
This is an exciting event for writers and the concepts introduced can be directly applied to any script in development. Andrew considers theory to only be of value if it has direct practical application. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion. 
This is a FREE event, please reserve your seat.

Andrew Tidmarsh

Andrew Tidmarsh is a writer, theatre director and award-winning film-maker. He has worked with undergraduate and postgraduate writers for nearly 20 years for various institutions: Goldsmiths, University of London, Drama Centre, University of the Arts, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He has also worked in the Philippines, Germany and Canada. He currently teaches and directs at RADA. His comedy short, ‘Action‘ is showing in block 2 of the LA Comedy Fest. 

His production company can be found here: www.nimbleinhand.com
He is also the co-author of the acclaimed ‘self-help’ book for actors, An Attitude for Acting
This is a pre-launch book event, as the book is not launched officially in UK until May 19th.