09:30 pm • May 03, 2014

The Other Space

Sketch Comedy



Jeff Garrido, Michael Henry, Ben Kacsandi, Grant Linden, Rani O'Brien, Walter "Ian" Owens, and Nicole Sobchack

Directed by Rob Janas. Musical Direction by Dan Wessels. Assistant Direction by Naga Sridhar Kataru.

Jeff Garrido, Michael Henry, Ben Kacsandi, Grant Linden, Rani O'Brien, Walter "Ian" Owens, and Nicole Sobchack

Dungeons and Drag Queens was born of The Second City Hollywood circa February 2014. The creative team is a mash up of stand-up comedians, social political producers, writers, fast-pace comedy musicians, and hot models. They played to sold out houses at The Second City Hollywood.

Satire makes no heroes. But if there were heroes, drag queens would definitely be on top! D&DQ finds darkness in fun satirical twists. Inspired by physical comedy, douchebags, and sweet sweet life, Dungeons and Draq Queens is waving their swords and donning their fishnets to play at Los Angeles Comedy Festival.

This is the first comedy festival Dungeons and Drag Queens will be performing at!

What People Are Saying

"Innovative and funny… And with music too!" 
–Garry Marshall, Falcon Theatre 

"Dungeons and Drag Queens rocked my funny bone.  See 'em at LA Comedy Fest."
--Heather Hall, Producer/Henderson Productions

"From the moment Dungeons & Drag Queens began, I was laughing!!!  it was such a fun filled night!!!  Every actor on the stage was amazing, very talented!!!"
--Marlene Hartje,Agent/
The Marlene Agency

"From start to finish, I couldn't catch my breath from laughing so hard! My ribs hurt for the next 2 days! Amazing Improv/sketch comedy!"
--Chris Sobchack/ Wraptastic Productions

"Fall down funny (both on and off stage)! The skits are great, the songs hilarious, and the performers' energy off the charts!"
​​--Vivian Sobchack, Professor, UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television

"Our whole team had such a great time! Kept us laughing for days!"
--Lea Journo-Lea Journo Salon/
Beverly Wilshire Hotel 

"Such an awesome show!!! "
--Crystal Pray-Lea Journo Salon/Beverly Wilshire Hotel 

"Laughs from the start! Spoiler Alert, you'll get a song stuck in your head that'll make you giggle for days!"
--Elana Staehli/Senior Casting Director/Team Leader Central Casting