RecoMonday – Louis CK’s “Live at the Beacon Theater”

Typically, I try to RecoMonday something or someone in the comedic realm that not everyone is privy to.  This time around I’m doing the exact opposite.  Louis CK has a new stand up coming out called “Live at the Beacon Theater.”  And despite the fact that he is arguably the most well-known and respected stand up comedian since George Carlin, he is making another move with this special that makes me respect him even more.  Instead of going through big businesses and major power players like HBO, he is posting his special on his website and selling it for only $5.  Yes you read me.  $5.  In an interview with Reddit Louis said this, “I feel like as of this year, I make enough money as a standup my goal now is to bring the cost down for those who buy my stuff. i really mean that. It makes me much happier. Also I did see that there might be a tremendous upswing to this. I was really excited about this material and I thought it would be really cool to just put it out there myself with a little electronic hat that only takes fives and just see what happens.”  I love you Louie.  No homo.


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