RecoMonday – Workaholics

If you’re not already watching this show, you have messed up royally.  There are very few shows about college age young adults that are made for that age.  Most of those shows are targeted towards high school kids who have naïve versions in their heads of what college, or life after high school entails.

This is a show about three 20-somethings that are in that time of our lives where you all of the sudden are supposed to act like an adult but still feel like a crazy adolescent simply wanting to drink, smoke, sex, and party.  The three main characters have all learned some of their skills from famous improv groups like Upright Citizens Brigade, The Groundlings, and Second City.  They originally became a viral hit with the sketch comedy group called Mail Order Comedy.

Each episode follows their lives working for a company called TelAmeriCorp where they sell random goods amongst a crew of extremely random co-workers.  But it is mainly about their pursuit of getting trashed.  And typically it has an incredible amount of references that only those lucky enough to grow up in the awkward time of the 90’s are able to understand.  This past episode had an amazing reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles where they were stuck in the sewer arguing over which turtle their personalities correspond to.

And unlike most comedies, each episode is different from the last, and seems to get better every single week.  Check it out guys and gals.  Because you surely will not be upset.

Tuesdays @ 10:30pm on Comedy Central


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