RecoMonday – TJ Miller

I realized I have mainly been RecoMonday-ing television shows and as most of you probably know, comedy is not something strictly bound by a television show.  So I thought I’d mention a stand-up comedian that has really been catching my eye for quite some time.  No homo.  T.J. Miller is that guy.  I first noticed him in the blockbuster hit “Cloverfield.”  It was tough to really know it was him as he was holding a camera the entire time.  The most camera time he gets is when, spoiler alert, he is demolished by a Godzilla-esque beast.

But his stand-up comedy is a mixture of on the spot excellence and typically off-beat comedy that is tough both create and replicate.  He recently had a Comedy Central special that the trailer alone had me laughing.  Repeatedly.  You can check out some of his material on the Laugh Factory’s Youtube page under Fresh Faces.  Be sure and check out this (look out for this cliché) rising star in the comedic world so you can brag to your friends that you knew him back when…


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