RecoMonday – Childish Gambino

Musical comedy is nothing new.  The Lonely Island, Bo Burnham, and Epic Rap Battles of History are all great examples of musical comedy.  But not many comedians make an attempt at serious music.  Donald Glover has done just that.  He has been rapping, as he discussed in many of his songs, since he was young and has been recording under the name Childish Gambino for a few years now.  More commonly known for his role in NBC’s comedy ‘Community’ and as a writer for 30 Rock, his music has recently taken the underground realm by storm.  And while we typically will recommend something with a comedic element every Monday, this Monday I felt it was appropriate to rep a project that a very talented comedian has put so much time and effort into.  His songs, unlike most rap songs that come out nowadays, has coherency to the entire song.  It isn’t about pairs of rhyming sentences that don’t connect to the rest of the song.  Each song has a theme and sticks to it. (Go figure).  His new album ‘Camp’ drops November 15th but you can buy his single ‘Bonfire’ right now on iTunes or just enjoy his pretty creepy video on the Youtube.  Just make sure you check out Childish Gambino.  He is no joke.  That could be your cliché catch phrase Donald.  Call us.


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