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Don’t Watch This Show Live!

Dungeons and Drag Queens

Garlic Jackson

The Glorious Act That We Do

Clara Bijl

Yohei Kawamata

Melanie Maras

Elyse Martin

Nicholas Morton

Priya Prasad

Angelina Spicer


Archie Black: The Worst   dir. by Dave Sirus

Ben’s at Home   dir. by Mars Horodyski

Cas & Dylan   dir. by Jason Priestley

Committed   dir. by Howie Mandell, Steve Sunshine, Reed Grinsell

Confessions of a Womanizer   dir. by Miguel Ali

Jack and Ralph Plan a Murder   dir. by Jeff Doyle

Leap 4 Your Life   dir. by Gary Hawes

Lost Cause   dir. by Mark Gutmann

Movie Money   dir. by Greg James

No Clue   dir. by Carl Bessai

Project Bigfoot   dir. by Ricardo Herrera

The Ballad of Johnny Windows   dir. by Adriel Leff

The Birder   dir. by Theodore Bezaire

The Front Man    dir. by Paul Devlin

The Sky is Blue   dir. by Andrew Fierberg

Thunderlust (and the Middle Beast)   dir. by Steve Pratt

Twenties   dir. by Michael Scipioni


“ Action”   dir. by Andrew Tidmarsh

Ambiance Man  dir. by Alix Lambert

Anxious Oswald Greene   dir. by Marshall Axani

Baby Phone   dir. by Olivier Casas

Brunch Bitch   dir. by Hannah Cheesman

Butt Drunk   dir. by Amanda DeSimone, Greg Emetaz

Carmen   dir. by David Ketterer

Cop Shit   dir. by Gino Donatelli

Donner Party: The Musical   dir. by Andrew Migliori

Effed!   dir. by Renny Maslow 

Flight   dir. by Gillian Pachter

Game Night   dir. by Elliot Dillman


Girls Season 38   dir. by Gail Lerner

Going to Mecca   dir. by Jason Wingard

Guys Girls   dir. by Liam Engle

Hail Fellow Well Met   dir. by Travis Hayden-Rowe

Have You Seen Napoleon?

In The Dark   dir. by Bettina Bilger

Is Cosi   dir. by Moe McLendon

Jon and Jen are Married   dir. by Gregory Fitzsimmons

Lake Breeze   dir. by Luke Stephens

Letterkenny Problems   dir. by Theo Kim

Little Horribles   dir. by Amy York Rubin, Ingrid Jungermann, T.J. Misny, Amy Talkington

Manager   dir. by Jacob Meszaros

McDuffy: The Urban Eagle   dir. by Troy Carlton

Merryland   dir. by Tyler Glodt

Midtown   dir. by Jason Torres

Nice is Cool   dir. by Ben Petrie

Obvious Signs   dir. by Lauren Gregg

On Women Who Validate Themselves Through Sex   dir. by Pamela Wess

Open House   dir. by Marisha Mukerjee

Quentin and Lisa…at the Grocery Store   dir. by Thane Economou

Screwed   dir. by Lorenza Indovina

Sell by Date   dir. by Emma Savage

Shooting Oliver   dir. by Daniel Clements

Sleeping Dogs   dir. by Tom Metz III

Stay Calm Stan   dir. by N.T. Bullock

Stock Exchange   dir. by Stephane Everaert, Frederic Mosbeux

The Apprentice   dir. by Damon Escott, Steve Baker

The Boy Who Had No Thumbs   dir. by Shaun McCarthy

The Break-Faster   dir. by Adrienne Weiss

The Giant Comes Out   sub. by David Bacque

The Great American Comedy Tour   dir. by Daniel Zagayer

The Ins and Outs of In-N-Out   dir. by Connor Kerrigan

The Kegging   dir. by Michael Schafernak

The Morning Announcements   dir. by David Sidorov

The Negotiator   dir. by Dion Lack

The Portal   dir. by Jonathan Williams

The Uncles   dir. by Gerard Monaco

The Undertakers   dir. by Matthew Kohnen

The Way I Loved You   dir. by Jessie Ennis

Therapeutin   dir. by Daniel Mabe, Mike Andrews

This Is It   dir. by Alexander Engel

Twinkies and Donuts   dir. by Evan Blank

Uncle Burt  dir. by Matthew Patrick

Wake-Up Juice   dir. by Tylor Bohlman

What Cheer?   dir. by Michael Slavens

Whether You Like It or Not   dir. by Wesley A. Edwards

Word!   dir. by Eric Patton

You Good!   dir. by David Foster, Donald Russell

Your Mother’s Maiden Name   dir. by Joe Ahern



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