RecoMonday: Happy Endings

I’ve always wondered, how does a show get picked up when the pitch most definitely starts with “OK, it’s a group of friends in the city…” This formula has been done so many times throughout the ages it isn’t even worth our time to list all of the successes and failures from this specific type of show. Friends obviously is the first that comes to mind.  As of right now there is a plethora of those shows coming out.  Happy Endings, New Girl, Workaholics, and Man Up are just a few that recently graced our televisions.  Some are better than others.

But Happy Endings somehow seems to capture everything that makes a show great: great dialogue, original story lines, and most of all an amazing cast.  The cast includes Elisha Cuthbert (Girl Next Door, 24), Zach Knighton (The Hitcher), Damon Wayans Jr. (member of the Wayans family, The Other Guys), Eliza Coupe (Scrubs, UCB Performer), Casey Wilson (Saturday Night Live, UCB performer), and last but certainly not least Adam Pally (Taking Woodstock, UCB Performer).  This cast is, for the most part, rather lacking in big names but the chemistry between them is incredible. The dialogue as well is filled with incredibly quick and agile quotes that is you laugh too hard, and you surely will, can lead you to miss the next few jokes.  This allows you to want more, similar to Arrested Development’s quick style. (I know I know.  Arrested Development is the best and nothing could ever measure up to it.  Just calm down.)

This isn’t just a show for people of the 18-34 demographic either.  You older folks can certainly enjoy it too.  Not as a stretch but as a show that’ll bring you back again and again.  I really can’t say enough good things about this program.

Also, just on a side note, Adam Pally’s character is a gay man but instead of falling in line with the stereotypical gay man persona (Attn: Modern Family), they made the Max character probably the most relatable and arguably the funniest guy on the show.  He’s literally a guy everyone, straight, gay, lesbian, trasngendered, happy, depressed, blah blah blah, would want to hang out with.

Check this show out because you surely will not be let down.  Or you can have my job.

Happy Endings
Wednesdays @ 9:30pm on ABC


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