Happy Endings Recap: Gotta Get a Quiche Stone

Episode 5 “Spooky Endings” 

The Happy Endings crew does Halloween! Penny and Max address an adult costume faux pas – the overly intricate two-person contraption. Their specific rendition turns out to be Penny as mommy carrying Max in a baby Bjorn. Waddling up to the party, they ooze sexiness, or rather, its exact opposite. Awkwardness quickly ensues as Penny tries to dance with an Abraham Lincoln, forcing Max to spend some unwanted crotch time with the president. Siamese twins, a cowboy riding a horse, etc.; if you want some action on Halloween, these high-concept costumes are not the way to go.

Dave commits another Halloween faux pax, showing up as the horrifically outdated Austin Powers. Gonna go pop culture? You better be relevant, you better be ironic, you better be original. Dave is none of these things and ultimately ends up alone in his lameness, continually being mistaken as Elton John. Is there anything more frustrating than no one getting your costume?

Well, yes, maybe there is something. Alex’s costume lands her in a misguided love connection. Dressed as Marilyn Monroe with a husky man voice from sickness, she’s mistaken as the hottest drag queen at the party. Never the sharpest crayon in the box, Alex is completely oblivious until the guy she’s been flirting with all night declares, “I can’t wait to see your penis!” Ouch. Can’t we all just go trick-or-treating again? To a simpler time and place?

That’s Jane’s idea. She forces Brad out into the suburbs in a quest for the idyllic Halloween experience only to find herself terrorized by junior high monsters jonesing for some candy. Tweens are scary. Very, very scary. And they most likely have an unpredictable dependence on sugar. Luckily for her, all this excitement endears the neighborhood to her city-loving hubby. I mean, come on, quiche stones and hot tubs? Who wouldn’t want in on this ‘burb action?

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