LACF365 News

Another great year of comedy at LACF 365.  Bowling for Tiffany rocked, once again with their annual Halloween Show. Such fun to see a group so gifted, young and fearless! We the People showed how you make a stellar debut with your very first time doing a sketch show. Smart, funny and totally unique, we are so proud to give them a stage to play on. And the other great debut was from Master Sword, who after a few shorts months look like seasoned improvisers. The Thrillionaires arrived from Salt Lake City to bring their awe inspiring musical improv to us. From the beginning to end of their musical story we are hooked.

Looking ahead to 2012, it’s the year when the fun gets amped up. We will be launching contests for filmmakers, standups, sketch comedy and improv groups. So check back in the New Year.  The LACF Podcast will start broadcasting.  And many more films will be screened at Open Screen Night and groups will perform their funny on our year round stage at Theatre Asylum. We are always on the look out for great new shows, so give us a holler with your idea for a funny show.