The LA Comedy Festival started out as the LA Fest of Sketch, an all sketch comedy festival. After five years, we decided to add a Spring festival that would showcase comedy in all it’s forms, live performance, film, TV, web, screenwriting. After the 1st LA Comedy Festival was so embraced by LA comedy lovers and comedy talent, we decided to absorb our beloved sketch comedy festival and have the LA Comedy Festival become a biannual event.

We have been delighted with our growth which has allowed us the ability to support comedic voices from around the world. Every festival we receive hundreds of short film submissions and have been struck by the enormous amount of films we receive that don’t necessarily fit into the genre of comedy, but are nonetheless great films that deserve an audience. We are now have as our sister festival, the LA INDIE Film Festival. Submissions and details are available at LAIndieFilmFest.com.

Here is our Future History:

2016 Festival Calendar:

  • 9th   LA INDIE Film Festival (September 8th-18th)
  • 20th LA COMEDY Festival (November 10th-20th)